Caring For Your Mama's When They need you most.

Though you may not know it dogs cannot always give birth naturally without mishaps. For many years people just considered puppies lost during the birthing process to have had something wrong with them. This is far from the truth. Many times it is a simple malfunction of the birthing process.


Many things can cause some or all of the litter to be lost due to something as simple as a first time mommy not having the natural instincts necessary to know what to do properly. You can do so much to help those babies spring to life. I am here to help you save precious lives.

My mission is to give every possible bit of help and information I can. Having been in your shoes, not having ever assisted in a puppy delivery. I know how heartbreaking it can be to watch helplessly as a puppy dies because you have no idea how to help it. Before becoming a breeder I did not realize there were things that we could do.


Since becoming a very experienced canine Midwife I have been compelled to share the skills I have gained to help first time breeders or even people who have been breeding for years who still do not feel confident. With some breeds many people automatically schedule a c-section because they do not feel confident to give home birthing a try and this will not be for them.


French Bulldogs are one of those breeds, but unless I know that a Dam has an issue that requires a c-section I opt to do a home birth. Sometimes that results in a rush to the Vet in the middle of the night but just as many times a home birth turns out very well.


Of course you need to have the right skill set and feel confident about what you are doing. If you don't have these skills you need me to support you and walk you through correct procedures. You do have to bear in mind that no matter what you or even a Vet does there will be times that you will lose a puppy. My last litter we had a c-section and one was already expired and two more died because they were too weak.


When Whelping puppies there are no guarantees. Even the best Vet will tell you that. Being experienced with whelping Puppies I will be the first to tell you that it is not an easy occupation and having an experienced Whelp Helper Assistant will be the best decision you can make. Just remember Whelp Helper when you need me.

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