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I am a French Bulldog Breeder. Breeding French Bulldogs is a very unique and sometimes extremely difficult experience when it comes to whelping a litter. Because they are a brachycephalic (flat faced breed) Their head is sometimes very large and can can cause them to get stuck in the birth canal, a Dam (Mother) can have uterine inertia ​causing contractions to suddenly stop. There are many things that can go wrong and many things you must be prepared for. 

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful Veterinarian/Mentor and I am proud to also call him a friend. We have spent many nights having emergency c-sections, We are a team he usually has a Veterinary Technician or two, One  helps him and one keeps my Mom and I supplied with whatever we need to perform our duties. He and his Surgery Technician occupy the operating room while mom and I and our Tech Assistant run the puppy reviving table. As the puppies are delivered his Surgery tech transfers the puppy to our tech and she brings it to the table handing it to one of us and we are responsible for going through a series of techniques to clear the nasal and throat of any fluid that is obstructing breathing, stimulate and dry the puppy to get it breathing. Once it is breathing we check for abnormalities if we have not already done so as we worked. At times we have identified twisted legs, mummified puppies, cleft lips or palates, leaking spinal fluid and exposed genitalia. i was once told "If you are a dog breeder long enough you will see almost everything" 

Where we live is rural so there is a special system that the Vets use to assure that there's always someone to cover for emergencies. We have two Veterinarians that each have their own office that cover for each other after hours so that they can each get some time off.  There are times that we do not get our regular Vet for an emergency. We adapt quickly since the other vet also allows us to assist with the whelping session. I have learned so much working alongside these professionals, it has been better than attending school this has been hands on experience with professional guidance.


People started asking me for advice on these processes and I found that I was able to answer any questions they had and also teach them how to have all their bases covered. I can advise them on when they should consider something an emergency and call a Vet. I can advise them on how to handle a dry birth, do an internal exam and how to help if a puppy is stuck. How to tell when the Dam is about to whelp and what they need to have organized near the whelping site. How to track progress and keep notes on progress, puppy weights , colors , markings, time of birth and gender.Without a Whelp Helper Midwife, whelping a litter can be a nightmare. 

This is me

iI love to get away from the office now and then to spend a little time teaching my babies to "give kisses" I teach them to lick so that later when they go through the nipping stage it is easy to derail them from their naughty mission by saying "No, give kisses"and then giving them praise. It is a much more effective way to train them because they get positive reinforcement. Think about it, there has to be a little incentive to change your ways, right?

Colleen Johnson

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