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I am not professionally trained in the medical field but being a Midwife is a passion of mine and I have worked directly with my Veterinarian and his Technicians for years reviving puppies after a c-section and also have experienced many home births. I have had 11 years of experience and have learned many techniques that have enabled me to save lives and determine when it is time to head to the Vet. Many things can go wrong and I am here to give you advice and moral support so that you can learn to stay calm and and enjoy the process as much as I do.


Please keep in mind that I will ask you to describe situations in detail so that I can give you advice and you can implement my tool box of acquired skills. I cannot see what is going on so you will need to be very specific in describing things such as color, measurements, shapes, movements, sounds and attitudes so that I can be of the best assistance possible. Because of this barrier I will need for you to follow your instincts and tell me if I am not understanding what you are telling me. Communication is key. The most important thing for you to do is stay calm so that you don't panic your little Mama and also so that I will be able to understand what is going on. This is the most difficult thing, but it is essential. I truly love the experience of helping these little lives into the world and want you to feel confident and filled with joy as you meet your new babies.

I am going to be honest with you . There will be times when you will have stillbirths or puppies with defects. This is when it becomes very difficult to hold it together. That is when you need someone who has been there and done that. I will be there to tell you exactly what to do and how to handle it.  I will be expecting emotional episodes and be prepared to be your rock. I have had to go through that alone a few times.

My very first litter was a disaster. The first puppy was born breach and the amniotic bag broke while it was stuck in the birth canal. it was a back feet first dry birth with no movement of the puppy. He was stillborn. Of course I panicked cried and called my Vet. He had two emergencies lined up and could not help me. He referred me to another Vet but She was out on a farm call. I called every Vet in the area There was not one available but one was able to give a bit of instruction over the phone. The first thing she said is calm down. the next puppy was also stillborn. The third one was moving his feet but trapped for awhile and their was feces in the amniotic sac. When he finally dislodged he was so weak and not breathing. My mother arrived as the third one was being born. She took over the revival process and showed me what to do. While she was doing that I removed the two dead puppies  from the mothers bed and then once we got him breathing put her new live baby with her to nurse. The two puppies that followed were also stillborn. My mother and I both broke down after it was over.


That was when I decided that I was going to learn everything possible about Whelping puppies That would never happen to me again.Over the years I have had a stillborn or a puppy with a serious defect born from time to time but that is to be expected but Had I been able to contact someone to coach me before the puppies were due I may have recognized signs that the Dam needed a c-section. In the very least I would have had moral support. That is why I feel it is very important now that I have all this experience to back me up that I found a way to share that with beginning breeders or someone who has not ever assisted with birthing puppies. It can be a very frightening thing when things go wrong.

Whelping Assistance

This is a prepaid either online or by phone  Service offered to assist you and support you when your dog whelps her puppies

Whelping Supplies

Here I have compiled a list of whelping products with links for where to get them

Tips on after whelping care

Tips for what to do and look out for after your beautiful puppies have arrived

 Puppy's First
year advice
Grief Support 

If you need a little advice about anything to do with raising a puppy or Puppies I have likely experienced it or know someone who has. I can help you fill in the blanks

If you just lost your Fur buddy and need someone to commiserate I am hear to listen.  I have been in your shoes and know all too well how you are feeling.

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