Don't Be Scared Whelping Is A Natural Process

Since the beginning of time Mammals have given birth alone and naturally. Dogs are a Mammal. They have natural instincts and usually know what to do but nature is not perfect. There is a natural selection. Those that are strong survive and those that are weak do not. That being said, as humans we interfere. We have learned that with a little love and assistance we can make the difference between life and death.

Occasionally you will lose a puppy but that is something you must train yourself to accept, after a good cry of course. I am no stranger to bawling my eyes out after working on saving a puppy for an hour of hearing a heart beat grow fainter. You do need to keep it together during the labor and cry when it is over because dogs are ultra sensitive to our emotions and if they become nervous it can actually cause them to get uterine inertia ( the contractions completely stop Or become so weak they cannot push the puppy through the Birth Canal.) It happens with French bulldogs more often than most breeds. However my Vet says that my mom and are the luckiest Bulldog breeders he has known. He has told us that most bulldog breeders have defects in almost every litter and lose more puppies than we do. He has been a wonderful teacher over the years. I would not have the skills and understanding of the whelping process I have today if he had not taken the time to explain everything in detail and let me be a part of the reviving team when we have a c-section delivery.

This was a litter of three that my customers refer to as "Cow Puppies" They were born healthy and happy but there were four. There is a problem with the heavier breeds, The first week is high risk for the Dam (Mother) to accidentally lie on them and smother them. I usually don't sleep much that first week. Luckily I have my Daughter in Law (Paige) here to help me. I take the night watch and she takes the day watch. If you can work that out with a family member you are blessed. I did not always have her to help me and I lost one of this litter because I fell asleep for 20 minutes. He was smaller than the rest and my only solid brindle. It is sad when that happens but I wonder how many would be lost without human intervention. That is what we need to remember. Our purpose is to save as many as we can and to feel confident that we did our best. That is why I decided to be a puppy midwife. I will be here to keep you calm throughout the process. I will remind you that your Mama needs you to stay calm so that she will not become agitated. I will walk you through step by step what to do in every situation. I will be asking you many questions, as I am sure you will be asking me. Never be afraid to ask. I am very patient and I want you to be curious. Ask why. I would really prefer for you to have an assistant to help you because one of you will be helping the mama and one will be either in chat or on the phone with me and taking notes. many things must be recorded during Labor and birth and immediately after. It will be harder if you have nobody to help but we can do this. You might want to put your phone on speaker phone.

We've got this!


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