Pride in a Job Well Done

We have three litters coming in the next couple of months. This is very exciting for me. More Puppies! I seriously get giddy thinking about it. Some people dread it like Coronavirus, but me? No way. I would do cartwheels, if I had ever found that to be one of my skills, sadly it is not. I will be sticking to more important and less coordination required maneuvers. There is no reward in a broken neck, However I find great rewards leaning over a whelping box with a great sense of pride, watching tiny wriggling puppies nurse for the first time. To be able to sit back and rest after a long night ( they almost always start labor at 3:00 am) and watch The dam nestling her puppies on a fresh blanket or bed liner is one of the best feelings one can experience. It is over and they are safe.

With the help of my midwife service you can become very good at this and have many safe puppies to show for your efforts. You will need to follow directions exactly there is little to no room for mistakes. Ask questions even if you feel it is a stupid question. Most times you have those thoughts because they are important. Ask. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask that could have made a significant difference. Don't worry, I've asked my share of those kind of questions because I wanted to learn. I was never laughed at, as a matter of fact My Veterinarian was the best ever at explaining things several times if he thought I was not understanding. Many times we were all so tired that questions did get silly but we just laughed together and it made us feel comfortable to be ourselves. Birthing a litter should be fun and exciting. there are times that you will need to respect the quiet too. The less commotion there is the better it is for the Whelping Dam. We must remember to put her first , after all it is her day to be treated extra special. She is the mother of a full set of new puppies. You can tell how proud and happy she is if everything is calm and she is allowed to enjoy her new family.


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