Wet Nurses

Updated: Apr 18

Wet Nurse was the term used for a woman who devoted her life to nursing other people's babies, that would not survive without nutrition from it's mother. Some people find this very strange and off putting but actually it is a natural response in most creatures but some actually enjoy that part of being a mother that they crave that closeness to a child or in the animal world a newborn creature. If you have new puppies and you happen to have one of these dogs you are so lucky. This little girl was not needed but she volunteered her services everytime their mother (A French Bulldog) stepped outside to go potty. Ziva would run full speed from wherever she might have been at the time to get in the Whelping box with those puppies to nurse them. She even after two years of having her last litter, managed to produce milk for them even though their own mother was producing plenty.

I have had several that had small litters help out over the years. They can really make a huge difference. I love bottle feeding, but sometimes it can be dangerous to the puppies because the amount of milk flowing out of the bottle can be too little or even too much. Too little and they will get weak and sav die too much and they may aspirate (suck milk/formula into their lungs) and get pneumonia. Bottle feeding also takes a great amount of time if it is a whole litter. If you have a little helper like this you do have to be sure either the real mommy is entirely cool with it or put somewhere sade and kept away while they feed or your helper could be hurt or killed by an overprotective mother.

This was the mama she was secretly working for and she was not one to let another dog near her puppies so we had to be very careful and that was why she waited until mama bonnie was safely outside before going to be with the puppies.


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