When will this go away? Enough already!

Updated: Apr 19

Oh, I am so over this Coronavirus/Covid-19.

I'm over it, but, not over it. This is week four and I am still coughing. I am prone to Bronchitis and this stuff scared me but I figured staying away from everyone even family was the right thing to do so for three weeks My daughter in law helped me care for the dogs and handed me food over a gate to my room. That was how this idea came about. I have been wanting to do this but all the possibilities had not hit me until I had nothing but time to think and do my office work. for the first week I did almost nothing but breathe.That was enough work for my weak body,. I was wiped out. Eating was a no go...

I looked like something the cat dragged in. My throat was so sore it hurt to breathe and I could not swallow my own saliva until my son told me to gargle Hot Salt Water. I also had Cepacol lozenges that numbed my throat. The next morning my throat didn't hurt but by evening it was back so I did it again and again the next night. it didn't return, instead it turned into a new symptom. My son went to town and bought me everything he could for each symptom you could have with a cold or flu. I battled it one symptom at a time and have been down to just the cough for about a week now but it fluctuates between almost gone and irritating sporadic coughing fits. so I started spending time getting caught up on work, since I have no puppies to worry about right now.

This has been awful but it has done me so much good as well. It was a lesson in take care of yourself, rest, eat better and don't waste so much time on worrying about what you can't do and get the things you can do done. With rest (Sleeping 16-20 hours a day) my brain reset itself. My thinking is so clear now. I did lose something through this though. My sight is really bad now. It was not good before but now I can barely see the definition between the keys on my keyboard. The glasses I have are no longer adequate. My mind is clear but my typing leaves much to be desired.

I hope all of you out there are sade and please don't let anyone in your house. Especially if they are coughing sweating and look like they might pass out. Keep those thoughtless jerks away.


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