After Whelping Care

There is no charge for this service. This is to say thank you and give you a few tips to continue your success with your new litter.


There are a couple things you need to do right away. You will want to keep the puppies warm like around 85- 90 degrees for the first week. the second week 80-85 degrees and the third week they can be at 75-80. I use a heating pad on low that stays on continuously. They started making heating pads that turn off after two hours a few years ago and it has become hard to find any that stay on but I have one on my list of supplies that is made especially for dogs. don't put them directly on the heating pad. I advise getting washable cloth pee pads to put over the heating pad in their bed make sure that there is room for the mommy and puppies to move away from the heat if the wish to. I like to use a bassinet for puppies so that it is up high enough where my other dogs won't bother them and i don't have to bend down to check on them and clean their bed. you can usually find one of those at a thrift store. If you want to buy one new check out Amazon.


Examine your puppies for any abnormalities. Open their mouths and look at the roof of the mouth if you see a line or gap running from the front to back of the roof you may have a puppy with a cleft palate. It is urgent to get it to the Veterinarian. Depending on the severity Your vet may opt to Euthanize the puppy. That is the humane thing to do if it is a gap because the puppy will not live. It will slowly starve to death as it will not be able to latch on well to make suction or it may aspirate (suck milk into its lungs. If it does not drown there will still be complications the milk will stay in the lungs and cause pneumonia to form. Some puppies will seem okay until they eat their first puppy food and then aspirate so then get pneumonia. Usually they do not survive. Please remember to make sure your puppies each latch on and nurse within the first 24 hours. If any puppy does not nurse and get colostrum it will likely not live or will be very weak and it's immune system will not be sufficient to fight off any infections or diseases. The colostrum carries all the immunity from the mother. If she has not been vaccinated her immune system may also be weak so she would not have built up immunity against things such as Parvo virus, Distemper, Canine Corona virus and Bordetella enough to produce immunity for them. This would mean that the puppies would have little to no defense against these diseases.. Contact your Veterinarian to decide on a course of action to protect them as soon as possible.


On day two it is important to deworm the Dam (mother) with Panacur-C This will ensure that any parasites in her system will not be passed to her puppies You will repeat this again when the puppies are two weeks old. Since the beginning time for deworming Puppies varies from breeder to breeder and Vet to Vet. Contact your Veterinarian for his or her advise on when to start deworming them. I start mine at 3 weeks and then repeat it each two weeks after that.  Weigh your puppies and record their weigh each day to make sure none of them are losing weight. For the first three days you may see a little weight lose. This is normal. On the third or fourth day you should see the weight begin to rise.. As long as each day they gain everything should be okay. At two weeks of age their weight should be near double the birth weight. If it is not please contact your Vet. By two weeks their eyes should be open and they will also be able to hear. by three weeks they will be trying to walk and at three and a half weeks they will be ready to start eating kibble soaked in hot water until it is mushy. i usually just start giving them kibble instead because frenchies like to chew so they start eating dry food faster. well that is about it. If you have any questions at this point sent me an email. Thank you again for letting me be a part of your experience.

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