Mixed Breeds Welcome

Whelping Services 

My plan is to make this a 24/7 service available to anyone birthing any Breed or Mixed Breed of puppies. I love all dogs and will not turn you away because you have a mixed breed litter. I can give you tips on how to find homes for them if you need to. I am hare to assist you not judge you. I will answer any question you may have in order to make you feel confident that you know what to do when the time comes. I highly advise you call at some point before your dam whelps. There are things you need to do about 2 weeks before your puppies are born. This is an appointment you can book in advance. The actual Whelp Helper call will be a surprise to everyone involved. it will involve a pre-pay for an hour of service. You must provide your phone number after you pay and I will call you. I will need some information when I call .


Be Prepared To Answer These Questions:

Do you mind getting your hands dirty? This is a very messy job and you will see blood and slime. You will need to cut or shred umbilical cords. You may need to tear the amniotic sack open. You will need to either dispose of or let your dog eat the placenta. I would not let her have more than one.

Have you gotten all the supplies you may need ?

Do you have anyone there with you that is willing to help? you may be busy and need someone to take the phone and relay my instructions

Has she been at your side constantly? 

What breed or cross is your dog?

Important because some breeds are more likely to have issues

Is this her first litter?

Important because First litters are slower and since we have no history We really need to pay close attention to detail.

How old is she?

Both very young and old dogs will likely have smaller litters and more possibility of needing a C-section.

What is she doing?

is she agitated, nervous, Pacing?

Is you dog in labor? 

What stage is your dog in?

Have you taken her temperature?

what is it?

If it is below 98.4 you will have puppies within 24 hours. Less than 98 puppies will be born in 2-12 hours.

Is she searching out hiding places? she may do this for a few days

Is she panting? She is ready to Whelp

Is she shivering? She is going to start pushing very soon

Have you seen her digging in blankets? She is making a nest

Is she having contractions?

How often? This is important because if she has regular contractions and does not produce a puppy within 2 hours there could be am issue. If she stops having regular contractions for more than an hour , she could be having Uterine Enertia

Is she crying with the contractions? 

Is she wanting food?

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