Blue underlined Items are linked to products. These are just Things that are made right for this. You can improvise on some things. I have used several different items and continue to find things I like better. If you contact me before you shop I can explain why I recommend certain things and how you can cut corners.


I suggest contacting me for a 1 hour booked appointment 1 to 2 weeks before the due date. This way we have time to go over everything you need, why you need it and what will work better for you. For instance some people like to use a kiddie wading pool vs. a whelping box. We will be able to discuss the pros and cons.A whelping box is by far more expensive but safer.

This is a list of Products for you to consider
What are these Items used for?

A whelping box is a safe place for your Dam (aka Mother dog) to whelp (aka birth) her puppies. It contains them so that they cannot crawl to far from the dam and get cold.

A Whelping kit is the basics of the necessary items you need to be prepared. Some kits contain extra things that are nice but not necessary. There are some things I personally want that are not in the kits.

Blankets or Pee Pads are used to line the whelping box or container. I prefer a washable pee pad or bed liner to blankets. They are heavier and more reliable to absorb any fluids produced during the birth. They can be washed and reused.They also are heavy enough that puppies don't get tangled in them.

Iodine is for disinfecting the Umbilical cord after cutting or shredding it.


Gloves and KY Gel really do have a very important use here. Occasionally an internal exam must be done in order to determine if a Puppy is lodged in the birth canal or to stimulate contractions. This is when you need the advice of a Whelp Helper. Do not attempt to do this without guidance. You could injure your Dam or kill the puppy.


*Hemostats and Scissors are used for.Umbilical cord care


Dental floss iis for umbilical cord care


Wash Cloths are used to dry and stimulate puppies.


Pocket Folders are to keep individual files for each puppy.​


Charts can be made later from your notes 


Pen & notebook are to keep notes during contractions and at each birth


Pet scales are used for weighing puppies


Aspirator Bulbs are used for removing mucus


Thermometer is used for monitoring the Dams temperature


Heating Pad is very necessary both during and after Whelping to maintain a safe temperature for puppies.


Nutrical, Cottage Cheese and Karro Syrup are for the Dam to produce energy. Do not use these without Guidance.


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